Revival in Sydney

The month of July – Wow! Where do we start?!

July saw Choir 56 have their mid-tour break at The King’s School who are big supporters of Watoto. The King’s School sends build teams to Uganda and also raises funds every month to support a young special needs child cared for by Watoto called Kevin. Mid-tour break was a great time for the team to relax and recuperate at this beautiful school from the hectic schedule that is tour.

During their break, the team also had the chance to attend the much anticipated 26th Hillsong Conference. This event was excellent in every aspect of the word. It was so inspiring and the worship, led by some of the world’s best Christian artists and worship leaders, was so uplifting for the team. We were also very encouraged by the speakers and found the conference provided great spiritual input for both the children and the adults of Choir 56. The choir then attended a service at Hillsong – Hills campus on the Sunday, which was a dream come true for many on the team.

The Watoto Children’s Choir and Simon Reeve from Weekend Sunrise

July also saw Choir 56 sing to a national audience on Weekend Sunrise. We had such a great response from the Sunrise team with one of the producers saying it was one of the best performances they had seen on Sunrise in a long time!

The team also had an opportunity to go sightseeing around the Sydney Harbour before holding a couple of performances at the Darling Harbour Amphitheatre which has spectacular scenery both day and night. Although it was a cold day, hundreds gathered to watch the performance and we had a great response from our audiences.

Performing at the Darling Harbour Amphitheatre

The weeks following the mid-tour break and Hillsong conference, have seen the choir perform at different venues and schools around Sydney – all of which yielded the biggest number of sponsors and people being transformed by the power of the gospel presented through their music.

At Northern Beaches Christian School a young 10 year old girl named Annabel shaved her head to raise funds for Watoto. At the same concert, people also testified of seeing angels on stage during the performance.

Brian Kayima & the brave Annabel before she ”shaved for a cause” at Northern Beaches Christian School

There have also been numerous sponsor visits with Ceasor, Expedito, Geoffrey and Miriam all having the opportunity to meet their sponsors.  One of Expedito’s sponsors who had the opportunity to meet him stated, “Last weekend, we met Expedito in person, which was an amazing experience. It was so great to see his smile and the joy on his face despite a difficult time in his younger years of life.” Miriam’s sponsor who was so excited and overjoyed to meet her and commented, “I felt like I’d become a mother at the age of 61. I fell in love with her instantly.”

Yvonne meeting her sponsor child, Miriam

To all of our supporters and sponsors, thank-you for your generosity and kindness which enables Watoto to rescue children, raise them as leaders and rebuild the nations. We are so grateful for all the support and new sponsorships received this month. May God bless you all!

Thank-you for having us NSW! Until next time,

Choir 56


  1. God Bless you Choir 56 – you are continually in our prayers – God Bless Merryl Klos

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