Fun On The Road

As ambassadors of vulnerable children and women in Africa, there is no doubt that the Watoto Children’s Choirs work hard. But the experience of touring the world also broadens their horizons, and allows them to enjoy experiences they would never ordinarily be exposed to.

Choir 56 enjoyed their time in Bulli recently where they had lots of chances to play at various parks and enjoy the beautiful beaches and the big surf waves. In North Parramatta the Choir visited Redeemer School where the children had the chance to spend time with the students there and do devotions in an Aussie class room which was a great experience for them. The team then went to the ABC radio station in Illawarra where they had an interview and sang a song before proceeding to another school.

20120731-120255 PM.jpg20120731-120417 PM.jpg

20120731-120524 PM.jpg

20120731-120626 PM.jpg

20120731-120903 PM.jpg

20120731-121033 PM.jpg

July/August also saw Choir 56 celebrate the launch of two new Watoto books – Rescue Raise Rebuild and Return to Dignity. Both of these books sold out very quickly!

20120731-121207 PM.jpg

20120731-121254 PM.jpg

20120731-121347 PM.jpg

20120731-121446 PM.jpg

20120731-121600 PM.jpg

Thanks for your on-going support! We will write again soon and let you know more about what’s been happening in August. Until next time,

Love Choir 56

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