Choir 56 & the City of Churches

The last few weeks have seen Choir 56 visit South Australia. Here we have found beautiful rolling green hills with large crops of canola making a sea of yellow waves. The beautiful scenery mixed with the beautiful voices of the children and the responses we have received, has made this quite a memorable trip down south.

20120912-013548 PM.jpg

We kicked off our tour of Adelaide by performing at the central markets which attract large groups of buyers and sellers. The choir was able to find a spot and sing a few songs for the people as they went about their daily business. This type of public performance is a great way to raise awareness amongst people who would not otherwise have heard of Watoto.

We then performed at Harvest Christian School in Kadina which was a warm town with strong winds. We also performed at a number of other South Australian schools including Pilgrim School, Nativity School and Thiele School where all the children were excited to see the choir.

20120906-101318 PM.jpg

Choir 56 had radio interviews with the ABC in Port Pirie and Life FM in Adelaide which saw Jildo & Kendra confidently answering questions, being great ambassadors for the many voiceless children of Africa and giving Watoto and the choir great publicity.20120906-100916 PM.jpg

20120906-101123 PM.jpg

20120906-101036 PM.jpg

Choir 56 again got out of their comfort zone by singing at the Adelaide train station. People were amazed and the moment the children started singing, people who were waiting for their trains stopped what they were doing and gathered to listen to the children.

For two days a team of journalists have followed the team from Mildura to Swan Hill recording and witnessing ‘a day on tour’ with the children which they are going to use to write a story about Watoto. This has been interesting and fun and we encourage you to stay tuned for this story!

Leila singing her heart out for Watoto

Leila singing her heart out for Watoto

We are now in our last month of tour and it’s been great! We are in NSW for three concerts this weekend and then back to Queensland until we leave for Uganda on October 3rd. One of our beautiful choir members Leila who is 10 years old has had a wonderful time touring with the Watoto Children’s Choir since April. Leila wants to become a fashion designer when she grows up and is looking forward to going home in three weeks so she can go back to school and see her friends again.

Thank-you Australia for your on-going support and hospitality and most of all the love you have shown us.
Love Choir 56

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