After months of practice choir 57 was sent off by the congregation on the 30 day of September. We then set off from Entebbe Air port in Uganda. We enjoyed every bit of the journey to the U.S The excitement on the faces of the lovely faces could not go un noticed by many people this is so because it was their first time to travel outof Uganda.

For the first few days the choir has been staying at Martha’s Vine yard focus camping grounds located on such a lovely island.

children on the plane-this was a wow moment

we are looking forward to sponsors meeting their sponsor children for the first time,meeting very many people and sharing the message of hope with many.

enjoying the ferry ride to Martha’s Vine yardwe enjoyed this yeah
seethe smiles

This choir will be singing in a venue next to your community, work or church.

Make it a point not to miss the new production BEAUTIFUL AFRICA- A new generation. please note it will be showing for the first time in the Eastern parts of USA and BRAZIL NEXT YEAR


  1. As a sponsor, I am so very excited to meet my wonderful boy! I can hardly wait for February to get here! The sponsors are as excited as the children, I do believe. I am praying daily for the safety of the choir and for the spirit to carry their message to those who do not have the joy and peace our savior brings. Blessings!

  2. Please keep the pictures coming! All of us sponsors love them!

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