Watoto Beautiful Africa in the US

It’s always great giving you updates about the choir – to the friends we have made and those we hope to make on this wonderful journey. The choir is doing great and has continued being a blessing to many through its energetic concerts Dubbed “Beautiful Africa: A New Generation”.

If you are reading this and you have attended any of the concerts on the East coast, show some love to the people out there and share your experience, not forgetting our amazing hosts.

It is a lovely experience for the children, they are enjoying every bit of the tour.Elvis pushing his friend Joel in their 4WD, even though he has never met his mother, he is a happy boy.

Another beautiful moment was seen when little Maria celebrated her 9th birthday. Auntie Patricia celebrated hers as well.
Happy Birthday Maria and PatriciaMaria on stage sharing her testimony.

If you are in the East Coast of USA, check us out on Face Book Page, or if you want to see the schedule, go to See The Choir

Come be with us, come let’s have fun together, and don’t forget to come with someone.
Franker having her prayer time before the concert


  1. Our church hosted the Watoto choir this morning. What a blessing! Hearing the children’s stories is a testimony to the transforming power of God, and watching their joy is contagious. I was one of the lucky ones to have three of the girls and Auntie Patty spend the night, so I got the insider’s view of the ongoing work and the consistency of the faith of each. What sweet children. they are so polite and so focused on the task at hand. God is using them! I look forward to reading the stories as the tour continues.

    Hugs to each one.

    PS. Girls: Casanova looked for you when I got home. Even he know how special you are. Thanks for blessing me today.

  2. Marjorie I see you with Maria. You are an awesome young lady. I had so much fun with you, Mary and Auntie Marie this past week. I miss you already.
    God’s favor on your lives.

    Auntie Yvonne

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