What I Like About School

Going to school is a privilege for every Watoto child. Most of the children in our villages have been rescued from circumstances that none of us can imagine, and an education was one of the furthest expectations they had. Today, every one of them goes to a fully functional school in the Watoto Villages, and everyone has the opportunity to grow up fully expecting to fulfil their dreams. Join us as we discover some of their favourite activities at school.
Sharifa Nakimuli

I love attending lessons and having the opportunity to read story books. I know this will help me become smarter, so that I can join ‘Club 4’ (A club made up of the best performers in school). They have parties hosted for them to celebrate their good performance.
Paul kato

I love play time at school because I get to play football with all of my friends.
Sandrah Nassali

I love reading the charts hung up in my classroom. They are colourful and help me remember what my teachers have taught me.
Viola Nakiganda

I love Social Studies and Maths lessons because they are the subjects I do well in.
None of these children would receive education without your faithful partnership. Your continued support through monthly and annual sponsorship, is invaluable to their future.

Encourage others to sponsor a child in Africa and change their story. Visit www.watoto.com/sponsorship.

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