Chinese food for the children

Before travelling for the tour all these children know are things they learn from stories told by their friends who have travelled before and so they wait for their chance to come so they can experience the various countries they travel to themselves.

Today was one of those days when that dream comes true to many of these chidren. We entered this Chinese reataurant and what was amazing were the small voices of excitement. Here are some pictures….. Enjoy


some went to the extreme

Ivan and Byron excited after the lovely experience

All this would not be possible without the generous support of great people like you.





  1. Thank you for the pictures and updates! This is a sponsor who recieves much joy from them!!

  2. I am so looking forward to meeting all of you very soon when you visit our church New Beginning Christian Center in Virginia..I pray you all will have a Blessed and safe trip.

  3. So good to see Byron, Andrew and Ivan in these pics! We love them dearly!( And Uncle Moses!) we hosted them here on Martha’s Vineyard in our town of Edgartown. I pray for them and the choir! Our church prays for them. May they continue in God’s strength, His love, His care! God bless you Ivan, Byron and Andrew and Uncle Moses! I will never forget you my dear friends! Love Heidi O’Donnell of Martha’s Vineyard
    Vineyard Assembly of God member

  4. Cynthia you are a world changer, Veronica we have great memories from NBCC hope you had a great Christmas

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