Choir 58 – UK tour begins

The reason behind this blog is so our Watoto Family around the world can follow the choir and know whats happened, where we have been, our first experiences (read: Snow!!)

Hmmm… Well let’s start with that first part – our journey here. We got here about 2 weeks ago, but here is how it all started out, enjoy!

Uncle Edwin double triple checking all travel papers … He got us here in one piece.

Uncle Osman wondering, “Hmmm, now where did i …?!!” Image
while uncle Emma and his boys strike a pose.
Finally, uncle Osman announces his find, while uncle Arthur laughs away.
Heathrow Terminal 5 it is…
Watoto UK director (uncle Howard) welcomes the happy bunch…
Okay.. We’ve now packed away everything … Let this journey begin 🙂


  1. so looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow in Watford!

  2. Thanks for taking us with you on your first journey. It felt like we were just there with you. Have a lovely time in the U.K and may the concerts be vessels of Christ’s healing Love to the people. Praying for you all.

  3. Just seen the presentation in Kingsland Colchester. Awesome! I took three of my granddaughters with me. They loved it all. Thank you Sam, Emmanuel and the team for coming. Blessings galore – lovely, lovely Jesus x

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