Choir 58’s John Bush miraculously meets sponsors :-)

This blog was posted by a sponsor who miraculously met their Watoto sponsor child. It’s a special story –  keep reading.

We are a family from Northern Ireland called the Ramms and are writing this story because we would like to share the joy of a little miracle that we had the pleasure of encountering.

On Saturday 9th February 2013 we were drawn to go and see The Watoto Children’s Choir at Thriving Life Church in Newtownards. Oh my, what a night! These children were so inspiring and such a joy to watch. Their energy and the joy of the Lord written all over their wee faces, was a true delight.

As we listened to a few of the children’s life stories and the pain that they have all endured, our ears perked up when an opportunity was presented to sponsor one of the children in the Watoto Village.

As we had to go and pick up two of our other children we didn’t have a lot of time to stop at the sponsor table on the way out of church. So the next day we took the time to look up the Watoto website. There we browsed through all those lovely wee faces and read all their heartbreaking stories.

We were continually drawn back to a little boy called John Bush Rwotomiya. His life had been so tough and it was incredibly disturbing to read what he’d been through. So there and then we decided to support this little fellow.

Whilst on the Watoto site we looked at the calendar to see where else they would be performing. The night of setting up our sponsorship for John, we noticed that the Watoto Children’s Choir were nearby. We couldn’t resist to go and see them perform again, so off we went to Dundonald Elim Church.

That night was even better than the night before! We also had all three of our kids with us and they just loved them. The rhythm and enthusiasm was totally captivating.. Heart strings were once again pulled as we listened to those wonderful children tell of their traumatic pasts, but yet their faces showed how the Love of God is now their everything. Wow!

As a couple of them spoke our ears perked up (again) as we listened to a little boy’s story. My husband and I looked at each other and thought; ‘Hold on! That sounds familiar’. Then he said his name. Oh my goodness! John! Our hearts skipped  a beat! No way! Surely not! It couldn’t be!

As soon as the night was over we couldn’t wait to go down to one of the leaders to show him the name on our replied email, with John’s full name. YES!! It was him! What are the chances of that ever happening!

The Watoto team were as excited as we were and quickly searched out John and introduced him to us. The joy on John’s face and on our faces, was overwhelming. We couldn’t tell who was excited more. We couldn’t stop hugging the wee fellow. Just wanted to bring  him home! What an amazing weekend!! God is so good and His mercies never end.

Thank God for this amazing opportunity to help just one of these wonderful children. And thank God for the Watoto team and all they do! God bless you all for blessing us!

Colin, Jenny, Olivia, Cj and Alicia. 🙂



  1. Great story. No doubt this will be your first, but not last, amazing watoto moment! We have experienced this same type of event when you partner with watoto.

  2. Colin, Jenny, Olivia, Cj and Alicia.May the almighty father in heaven the creator of the universe bless you so so much having done such a great miracle, it’s awesome.
    From Uganda where the watoto children children who are on their restor tour came from

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