Concert At Pensacola Beach

Concert at the beach? When you hear about the word ‘beach’ you think about swimming, surfing, relaxing and having fun with friends. Well this one was different for the children’s Choir as they took a little walk on the Boardwalk at the Beach in Pensacola.


Ruth leading out the team of children to the boardwalk.


Kodak Moment at the end of the Boardwalk


Alisa (Our Lovely coordinator) with Fiona and Jonathan

The Adults too were not forgotten about. Each had their turn of kodak moments.


Ruth and Clare


Clare, Brian and Ruth


Herbert, Brian, Roy and Micheal taking a pose in the shell at the beach.

It was such a lovely moment for the children, but so windy and chilly as well. Walking on water like Jesus did was my little phrase to the children who laughed back at me saying, “Uncle Brian you are lying to us.”


The view of the Pier that the children walked on.

But guess what that wasn’t all. What came after was a treat for the people who were at the Pensacola beach having fun. The children ministered to them in music and dance for a whole 30 Minutes. Windy and chilly as it was, we still had to suit up for the moment given the conditions to give our people a Watoto Choir treat.


Children coming in for the concert


Concert Practice.

All in all it was a lovely time at the Pensacola beach as we ministered to those present. Thanks to Pastor Tim Payne and the Momentum Church crew for making this happen.

A great Joy indeed and great thanks to our lovely family of sponsors who are helping in every way they can to change the stories of these precious children through their monthly or annual commitment.

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