Little Patrick at the Walton Health Centre

It’s quite tough to see anyone in pain. It’s even worse when there is nothing you can do to ease that pain, especially when a child is experiencing it.

This week, little Patrick had picked up an infection. He was in incredible pain and we initially had some challenges finding a clinic that was open at the time.

Patrick tried his best to be strong and faintly smiled at the camera as he entered the clinic. An impressed doctor Anita at the Walton Health Centre deserves a big round of applause for the immediate attention they afforded Patrick.

Thank you for all you do.


Ok down to the business of the hour…Image

Already better? Naaa… this smile is not yet complete.Image

One of the staff chats a bit after providing some pain relief…Image

And there you go… the smile is back. That’s much better now. Peace is restored.


1 Comment

  1. Thanks to the lord in heaven that Patrick is now feeling OK may his name be praised Amen

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