Watoto Children’s Choir #59 Visits Elvis Presley’s Home

“Wow, this home looks even nicer on the inside than it appears on the outside,” I gasped. The interior design of Elvis Presley’s home was way better than I (Brian- Choir Team Leader) imagined it could be. Hard to believe the decorations have been preserved since the 1970’s.  Enjoy the pictures from our sightseeing stop along the way to our next concert destination!

Elvis and Marie Presley's private Jets

Elvis and Marie Presley’s private Jets

On the shuttle to Presley's Home in Graceland, Memphis

On the shuttle to Presley’s Home in Graceland, Memphis

Denis Figuring out this gadget

Denis figuring out this gadget

At the doorstep, being debriefed before we go in

At the doorstep, being debriefed before we go in


Just look at the designs, were these there in 1970??

Just look at the designs, were these there in 1970??

Taking a look at Elvis' Horses

Taking a look at Elvis’ Horses

Walking through his Trophy room. so many accolades

Walking through his trophy room. There were so many accolades on the wall.

Micheal Awestruck

Micheal- simply awestruck

I can't believe this...Eric smiles on

“I can’t believe this”…Eric smiles on

Having a peer at the costumes

Having a look at the costumes

This is what caused the mesmerization

This is what caused their mesmerization

This is the spectacle. Life ended here

Life ended here

Team leaders say thank you

The Watoto Children’s Choir team leaders say thanks!

So do the children

and so do the children

Bye Bye

Bye Bye

Thank you for touring with us. Keep reading our blogs!

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  1. We love these children and leaders!!! Continue to pray for them often as they bless other people in the USA!!

  2. I saw MY BOYS! Uncle Micheal, Bryan, Timothy, and Kashraf! Momma Sheri misses you all so very much back here in Evansville, Indiana. Remember, our home is always opened to you, anytime! for years to come! You come a knockin’ and you can stay with us for however long…………………………..Love you all.

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