Choir 58 meets young Tilly McClaren

Last weekend, the children got to meet up with young Tilly and her family (Dad Ian, Mom Vicky and little brother Oli’) at the Revelation Centre, Chichester. We received an email today saying they had a fantastic time and it was lovely to meet and have dinner together. “Tilly is so excited to share her experience with the rest of her school tomorrow.”

As someone experiencing this moment via this post, you must be wondering, “Who is Tilly and why is she so special to us?” Tilly is the little eight year old girl who sold her toys to buy oranges. And sold those oranges at a profit in order to raise money for Watoto. Now isn’t she industrious? Such an inspirational story… a little girl lifts her toy to her mother and says, “What if i could sell this to help another child?” Hmmm… Amazing. May God bless you Tilly.



  1. Sounds like the choir has had a wonderful trip and met so many great people. We pray that their trip home is safe and filled with the wonders that each child found. I know we feel so blessed having met our precious Sumaiya in Sarasota, FL and added to our Watoto family with 3 other precious ones at our home along with her for the night and sharing their concerts throughout the week. Now our hearts are filled with joy and also added 2 other Watoto children in sponsorship. Thanks to our
    Father who knows the wishes of our heart. Safe journey home precious ones… Carolyn and Terry Hedstrom

  2. What a great kid!

    Saw choir 58 for the second time last night, just fabulous! Might have developed a small crush on Sam now too…

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