More Of Watoto Choir 59

It is not just about performing on stage, but a learning opportunity. we call in acquiring invaluable skills like Learning public relations. When the children are hosted by loving and caring families here in the states they get to learn to interact and warm up quickly to new people they meet and so become friendly. There is much more to touring than just performing in different places, for both children and chaperons alike.

The Ladies getting ready for a basketball match..

The boys playing with the Dog...

Steven trying to be a big brother..

Mariam, after the Concert...

Leila during the Concert..

Immaculate , after the Concert...

Getting ready for the Concert...

Evelyn, after the Concert..

Concert time...


Auntie Claire at the Tables , after the concert...

The boys..

The basket girls...

Steven smiling..

Thank you so much for the family of sponsors that have dedicated their finances and time to encourage these youngsters who are being raised up to become influential leaders.


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  1. Loved the two Watoto Concerts performed in Cleveland, Ohio so far that I have attended as member of the Euclid Avenue Congregational Church. Great performance, costumes, music, video graphics and lights in representation of Beautiful Africa: A New Generation, This is simply an outstanding, wonderful and beautiful message of God’s grace, hope and love shining out for all people to see and receive. Looking forward to seeing the performance tonight on Mayfield Road. Hope to meet up with all of you Monday at Cedar Point.
    Peace, much Love and Blessing in Abundance Watoto, JC

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