The Ten Adults


Much as each of these adults is a care-giver, they have other roles assigned to them on this team. Like;

Roy who is the sound technician on this team

Ruth who is the Finance coordinator and singer on stage

Pearl who is the children’s facilitator and singer on stage

Herbert who is a singer on stage

Clare who is the choir conductor.

Anita who is the sponsorship coordinator

Edith who is the food administrator and resource manager

Micheal who is the multimedia expert on this team

Joseph who is the lighting technician

and Brian who is the team leader and singer on stage.

But this tour has also been made possible with the hard work of Alisa straits – the tour coordinator. She has ensured to see the choir gets some fun activities to do while still in the states. There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes so that when the people watch the choir on stage they get to enjoy the whole experience.

Alisa, the Tour Coordinator with Fiona....

Alisa, the Tour Coordinator with Fiona on the Watoto Bus….

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