Choir 61 loved New South Wales!

Since we last ‘checked in’ Choir 61 have been touring through New South Wales and have had an amazing time! We have had the opportunity to perform at different schools, churches and venues and had a great response. We have made many new friends in this wonderful state and had lots of new experiences. It was such an incredible, fun-filled and varied few weeks that it was difficult to pick highlights to share with you!

Whilst in New South Wales, Choir 61 had the opportunity to visit the Blue Mountains and see spectacular scenery including the Three Sisters. The team loved this experience!


Choir 61 in the Blue Mountains!

Choir 61 in the Blue Mountains!

Auntie Nimlet & Auntie Barbra survey the scenery

Auntie Nimlet & Auntie Barbra survey the scenery

The Choir 61 men - affectionately known as 'the uncles'

The Choir 61 men – affectionately known as ‘the uncles’

Choir 61 is full of cuties that don’t mind posing for the camera!

cutest kids alive

Did you know that two of the children, Ambrose and Gloria, who are touring with Choir 61 are brother and sister? They are from Watoto’s Laminadera Village in Northern Uganda and they have the privilege of traveling together on the same tour. If you have seen the Beautiful Africa performance in 2013 you would have heard their heartbreaking stories, but also the hope they have found in Jesus and the love they are now surrounded by in their new Watoto home.


Ambrose & Gloria

Choir 61 travels with 10 ‘aunties and uncles’ who care for the children and are responsible for 2 or 3 children. The love between the children and their aunties and uncles is so incredible to watch! Choir 61 really are family!

auntie and daughter

Auntie Alex and her beautiful girl Zoe have a special bond

While in Sydney, some of the Choir 61 children, Uncle Ronnie & Uncle Mark had the opportunity to be interviewed on the Open House program on Hope 103.2. This program is played on Hope 103.2, but also nationwide on over 500 relay stations as well as most Christian radio stations in Australia.

They had the chance to share their stories and journey on air and Sheila, one of the girls, was able to share what she has enjoyed most on tour – which was seeing how much the concerts have impacted people in different places the choir has performed. Sheila commented, “I like dancing because it transforms people.” Hear the rest of the inspiring interview here!


Also, while in Sydney, Choir 61 had the opportunity to perform at the annual Watoto Gala Dinner & Concert held in Sydney for the first time. Watoto Australia host these dinners to raise awareness in the corporate sector about the different Watoto projects. It was a phenomenal night as the choir sang, danced and shared their life changing stories. Almost half of the guests present had never seen the choir and many had never even heard of Watoto prior to the dinner. There was barely a dry eye in the place and no one left without being impacted by the Choir.



From Sydney, we made a quick and eventful trip to Canberra where we were met by Auntie Fiona & Uncle John who looked after us for the time we were there.

We performed at Canberra Girls Grammar School where the Head of Senior School Jason Corbett-Jones shared, “They danced, sang and spoke with joy and had all of us on our feet dancing (badly in my case) with them. One could not help be touched and moved, especially when they hugged and thanked us before leaving.” Six of the students even tested out their dancing skills on stage with the choir!


We also had the opportunity to perform at a Westpac lunch which was attended by Gail Kelly, Westpac CEO, and many other Westpac executives. We loved having this incredible opportunity to share about the love of Jesus and the incredible work of Watoto with influential Australians.

Choir 61 with Gail Kelly

Choir 61 with Gail Kelly

While in Canberra, the team were taken to the Questacon Science Museum which we loved! We were also taken out to a Chinese restaurant for dinner where the children (and adults) had a chance to learn how to use chopsticks!

20130701-120537.jpg20130701-121610.jpgChinese restaurant

Thank you so much for loving us New South Wales! We are now heading across to Tasmania and can’t wait to make more friends and have more fun there! Make sure you check out the Choir Itinerary to find out where we are performing!

Send us your love at any time by leaving a comment below!

Love Choir 61


  1. We saw Watoto for the first time ever and loved every minute of it. We would have attended every performance in the Sydney area if possible. Such precious children and what a testimony of the Father’s love! Our prayers are with you all!

  2. Dear Prossy, Sheila and Auntie Nimlet, thank you for giving us the opportunity to know you and the Watoto children’s choir. Your dancing, singing and commitment to God really had an impact on our family. Izzy can’t stop singing and listening to the songs from your Beautiful Africa CD. Grandma is looking forward to seeing you again in Malaysia or Hong Kong. We wish you every success with spreading God’s word on the rest of your tour xxxx

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