Choir 61’s Latest Adventures!


After Tasmania, Choir 61 travelled to Victoria where we were welcomed warmly and we had a wonderful time visiting different churches and schools.

Having the opportunity to perform at two Planetshakers church campuses was one of the highlights for the choir.

tour bus (VIC)

There was a wave of excitement among the adults and children as they drove into the gates of the church.

We're excited!

We’re excited!

Planetshakers welcomed us and there was a great energy in the crowd as the choir performed. The audience was so excited and got up to dance and sing along with the choir. One of the most impacting moments was when the audience joined the choir in worship.

planetshakers 4

The children also had the chance to be part of the closing praise and worship with the Planetshakers team. They had a great time singing and dancing with one of the worship leaders, Joe.

planetshakers 5 planetshakers 6

Thank you so much Planetshakers Church for having Watoto Children’s Choir 61 and for your hospitality. We really enjoyed our time and pray that you were blessed.

Still in Melbourne, the choir had the chance to go to the Royal Children’s Hospital. We held a mini performance there and then interacted with the staff and patients at the hospital. Some of the audience even participated in a cultural dance with the children.

Jayne Dullard (Royal Children’s Hospital Executive Director Communications) shared, “It was a joy to welcome the Watoto Children’s Choir to The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne and a great privilege to see their wonderful performance. Our patients, families and staff were all moved by the experience and the great energy they brought to the hospital.”

The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne children's hospital 4

Here are a couple of shots of the beautiful children of choir 61 before leaving Victoria – the future leaders of Uganda! Thank you Victoria for loving and supporting us!

future leaders future leaders 2

South Australia

Following the wonderful time we had in Victoria, we hit the road again to travel to South Australia.

While in Adelaide, we had the pleasure of Silvie Paladino (@spaladino01) flying from Melbourne to meet us. Silvie Paladino is an incredibly talented Australian entertainer and we loved spending time with her. Silvie, who had never seen the Watoto Children’s Choir before, was blown away and personally impacted by the time she was able to spend with us.  

Silvie silvie 2

We have performed at many churches around Australia but, whilst on tour, we have also had the opportunity to be part of community and outreach events. In Adelaide, we were part of one such event at the Kilburn Girl’s Football Club. We loved this experience and the children even had the chance to learn how to play Aussie rules football! Some of the famous Port Adelaide football players also joined us, spent time with the choir and watched the performance.

Kilburn footy 3 Kilburn footy 4 Kilburn footy 5

This was an incredible outreach opportunity as this football club is in an area described as “a broken place” by those we communicated with leading up to this performance. Since the performance, we have received testimony after testimony about how the stories and music we shared that night transformed people’s lives and we believe this is just the beginning of this community changing for the better. Following the performance, concert coordinator, Mal was overjoyed and commented, “It is different. People are smiling. There is a joy to the place.”

Kilburn footy 2

One of the Watoto Children, Fiona with an Aussie rules football.

The choir also had the opportunity to go on a boat cruise while in Adelaide. This was such a great experience for the team. We are so grateful for all the unique experiences we have had whilst in Australia.



Western Australia

After a productive and fun time in South Australia, the choir set off on the longest journey by coach for this tour – the journey across the Nullarbor to Western Australia. It took the choir two days to reach Kalgoorlie and it was a very exciting and long journey where we got to see a lot more of Australia.


Beautiful sunny day and blue skies as the choir drove across the Nullarbor.

The choir made a stop-off at the Great Australian Bight where we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the cliffs and the ocean.


Have you ever seen a runway for a plane on a road? Due to its remoteness, some sections of the Eyre Highway between South Australia and Western Australia serve as emergency airstrips for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. These airstrips are signposted and have runway “piano keys” painted on the road, and turnaround bays for small aircraft. We were all amazed to see this on our trip west!


We also travelled on the longest straight road in Australia during this drive and we stopped off at the sign that marked the start of it for some photographs.

20130819-123529.jpg 20130819-123431.jpg

While in Western Australia, some of the children had the opportunity to go to the Super Pit in Kalgoorlie where gold is mined. The Super Pit is large enough to be seen from space and was amazing to see close up.

20130819-124514.jpg 20130819-124630.jpg

We’d love to leave you with an image of one of the items of the choir’s costumes – their gorgeous African sandals! This photograph was taken just before a concert when our costumes are all lined up ready to go!


We are currently traveling through Western Australia for a couple more weeks with our final performance in Australia on September 1st before heading to Asia. Make sure you check out the Choir Itinerary to find out where we are performing near you!

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Love Choir 61


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