Choir 64 In Texas

Choir 64 left Uganda on January 10th, 2014 and flew into Dallas, Texas. Being on a plane for the very first time was both thrilling and exciting for the children.
“The plane was big and I enjoyed watching movies on my own screen. Heathrow Airport was big and amazing,” said Rebecca, one of the children on the team.


The saying “everything is bigger and better in Texas” is true. The members of our team have been amazed by the big cars on the roads and the flyover road systems. More importantly, the hospitality we have received everywhere that we have visited has been greater then we could have ever imagined.

Touring with Watoto is a great learning experience for the children. Not only are they home schooled by the adults on the team while they travel, they also get to experience new cities, different food, and the joy of meeting new friends throughout their travels.


The children have already had many opportunities to learn, play and have fun during this tour. In Ardmore, Oklahoma, the team was given an opportunity to go back in history and commemorate Martin Luther King Jr by attending the Martin Luther King Jr day celebrations.


In Lockhart, Central Texas, the children visited a fire station and got to see how a fire engine works.


Some of the children, like Patrick, got a chance to visit a dinosaur museum in Glen Rose where they learned all about dinosaurs. “I am not scared of dinosaurs, ” is what Patrick said as he was putting his head into a life-size dinosaur head.


The children also loved riding a carousel at Summit Christian Center in San Antonio, Texas.



We had a lot of fun in the first month tour and can only imagine what is going to happen in the month of Feb! Keep following us to see more posts!

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