The Perfect Journey

David was one of the first babies to be rescued by Baby Watoto. An Australian volunteer, Greer picked up David from the hospital and brought him to Baby Watoto in January 2007. Before he was rescued by Baby Watoto, David had been abandoned at the hospital and spent over a year there, surviving by being given food and clothes by anyone who took pity on him.

Last year, Greer contacted us to see if we could locate baby David and she sent through four photos to help us with our search.

After investigating with the Social Work Department in Uganda, we were able to locate David who is now 9 years old and is living in Watoto’s Bbira village. Greer was very excited to hear this update. However, the most amazing part of this story is that, during our investigations, we also discovered that David was actually traveling Australia with Choir 61! We passed this wonderful news on to Greer and she was able to have the opportunity to meet David in Australia! Imagine her joy to see that the little baby she rescued is now a healthy and happy child who goes to school, is being cared for by a loving Watoto mother and is even having the opportunity to travel with the Watoto Children’s Choir!

About meeting David in Australia Greer shared, “I was totally overwhelmed with emotion and memories when I met David earlier this year.  It was such a joy to see the prayers I prayed over him as a baby having been answered – he was educated, loved, healthy, singing praises to God and happy.  I prayed with him again and thanked God for this very special opportunity to reconnect with David, especially as I have carried and treasured the experience of being part of his rescue and introduction to Baby Watoto in its earliest days.”

The perfect ending to this story happened just this week when we received notification that David was in need of a sponsor. We quickly contacted Greer to see if she could like to part of supporting David financially and she quickly agreed.

Greer & David’s journey started when he was just a young, abandoned baby and she was part of his amazing rescue. Now, David is growing into an incredible man and exceptional leader and, as his sponsor, Greer will walk this journey with him step by step and side by side.

Be part of someone’s journey today – with Baby David in 2007
Greer with Baby David in 2007David (right) & Paul - the first 2 babies rescued by Baby Watoto from the local hospitalDavid (right) & Paul – the first 2 babies rescued by Baby Watoto from the local hospitalGreer & Greg reunited with David last yearGreer & Greg reunited with David last year

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