Birthday Celebrations!

As Choir 65 we make a big deal of the moments in our lives that are worth remembering and we celebrate them as a family. We recently celebrated the birthdays of children born early in the year. And boy did we have fun; lots of smiles,encouragement and cake…yummy!


We celebrated Sarah, Denise, Jane, Auntie Fiona, and Ronald’s birthdays!


Auntie Maria and Uncle Daniel passing on words of wisdom and encouragement.


Auntie Patricia and Uncle Daniel loving on some of the children who had birthdays.


Uncle Daniel and Auntie Maria doing a dance; Denis, Paul and Victor tearing up the dance floor; Uncle Don shows off some of his moves; and the aunties and uncles break it down on the dance floor.

1 Comment

  1. Greetings to Aunt Patricia and Uncle Gideon who served on Choir 57 with my sweet sponsor child, Jeremaih. We send our love. Cynthia and Randy Vossler

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