Lives Transformed!

There is no doubt that our God can and does move powerfully in our lives. These children are an incredible representation of how God works; He takes lives that were filled with hopelessness and despair and transforms them into lives full of faith, hope and love.

The children lift their hands, raise their voices, tell their stories and lead people into a time of worship as a declaration of the amazing love and saving grace of the Almighty God.


Robert leads the crowd in worship

IMG-20140310-WA0004 IMG-20140310-WA0006

Stephen and Akena telling their stories of transformation

stephen IMG-20140309-WA0009

Words can not express what God is doing in the lives of these children! They are a great blessing to us and to the individuals they minister to daily.

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  1. We thoroughly enjoyed hosting Watoto Choir 63 at New Life Church in Chesterfield. Their performances were wonderful and inspiring. It was a great opportunity to invite our friends and neighbours to hear the good news of Jesus in such a powerful way. I also believe there will be a long lasting impact on our church as individuals were touched by the faith and love these young people carry.

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