Choir 64 Team Member of the Month


Have you ever wondered what it feels like to tour with the Watoto Children’s Choir?! Meet Auntie Jacqueline, who traveled for the first time as a Watoto child on Choir 4 that was led by Watoto founders, Gary and Marilyn Skinner. Auntie Jacqueline now travels as an adult on Choir 64 visiting the US.

Jacqueline was rescued by Watoto when she was 8 years and was given the opportunity to travel to the USA when she was 10 years old in 1999. Hear from Jacqueline as she shares with us her experience of travelling with the choir as both a Watoto child and an adult caregiver.

“Life as a child on the Choir is fun. There is nothing to worry about as everything is provided. There is plenty of time to play, make friends, eat different kinds of foods, and see different places. Everything was done for us by the aunties and uncles (adults) who travelled with us. As a Watoto child, life on the tour is so fun.

My favourite moment on Choir 4, was when we went to Micheal W Smith’s country home for a week. We had fun sitting around the bonfire and singing Ugandan praise and worship songs.

As an adult caregiver on the choir, things are different; there are more responsibilities, and more things to worry about as we work to ensure that everything concerning the tour is organised.

I am the Children’s Facilitator on Choir 64 and am responsible for the physical, spiritual and emotional well-being of all the children. This role is challenging, but has taught me how to be patient with the children, as I have to be a parent, big sister and a role model to them.

My highlights from touring as an adult, include the opportunities we have to go shopping, sight-seeing and to share the message of hope with everyone we meet.”






Thanks Auntie Jacqueline for all your hard work! We love you!



  1. It’s a rare opportunity for one to join a group and remain till adulthood. Well done auntie Jackie

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