Choir 65 – Stepping Back in Time

Choir 65’s bus recently broke down and had to go into the shop for maintenance. We felt like we had stepped back in time as we were traveling in a school bus for a few weeks; just like the very first Watoto Choirs did. The kids enjoyed traveling in this yellow and black school bus as we drove through Northern BC and Alberta.

Time came for us to part ways with our faithful school bus, and what better way for Choir 65 to say good-bye then to take a few pictures around the bus. We also had to bid farewell to Uncle Art who had been traveling with us….We’ll miss you Uncle Art!


The children wave good bye.


Uncle Daniel, Uncle Osman and Auntie Joanita.


Paul winks his good bye.


Uncle Art getting a huge Choir 65 five hug from the children.



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