A Day at the Dentist

The phrase ‘a visit to the dentist’ often sends shivers down the spine of an adult and changes the facial expression of a child from joy to concern. Recently, Watoto Choir 65 was treated to a dental check up at Aspen Landing Dental. Each one of the adults and children were given free dental care. It was a morning filled with some anxiety but at the end of the day smiles ruled the atmosphere.

Choir 65 would love to say a heartfelt thank you to Pastor John, Dr. Esmail Mustafa, Natasha and all the staff at Aspen Landing Dental for being patient with our anxiety and giving us such amazing service. May the blessings of God pour down on you.


Denis is all smiles as he is about to be worked on by Dr. Andy


Uncle Godwin taking a look at what has to be worked on..ooh my!


Paul, Micheal and Jimmy (on the table) with some of the staff at Aspen Dental that helped work on Choir 65.


Audrey and Cathy are all smiles hours after their visit to the dentist.


Aunt Joanita with that beautiful smile after her visit to the dentist.


Uncle Roy, Sandra and Auntie Faridah showing off their beautiful teeth.


Ronald, Auntie Patricia and Jimmy all smiles.

Thank you Aspen Landing Dental, we are so grateful for your generosity!



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  1. God bless all the children and providers of Watoto. We will continue to be supportive of the work being done to raise up great christian leaders in Uganda.

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