Choir 64 Mid tour break

Time flies when you are having fun! The first half of Choir 64’s tour has flown by and we have had a great time touring through Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana and Arkansas. We recently had four days to rest, play and relax at Red Cliff Camp Ground before we started the second half of our tour.

The Children and the adults both had a very relaxing time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The Red Cliff Camp was very beautiful, relaxing and had a lot of activities for all of us to do like swimming, basketball, football and volleyball. To top it all off the food was great too!

We even had time to do a photo shoot by the beautiful lake.


Paska, Gorreti, and Whitney enjoying the evening sun


Faith posing for the camera


Kerren celebrating her 10th birthday


Team leaders Phillip and Perry rewarding Irene for receiving the highest marks during mid tour exams. ‘I want to become a doctor in future, this makes me work hard.’


Some of the Choir 64 team members taking a ride around the camp ground


Kennedy wants to become a bus driver when he grows up




Deborah is a future Doctor and enjoys reading story books in her free time


Charles is 12 years old and wants to be the future president of Uganda


Shamim is 7 years and wants to become a bank manager when she grows up

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