Hello Spring

Choir 65 loves the snow! After spending the first 3 months of the year in Canada, we have seen lots of snow, played in it and have even been able to have snowball fights. Slowly the snow has started to melt and we are saying good bye to winter and hello to spring. See below our team as they enjoy the joys that come with warmer weather and being able to play outside.


The children bid there farewell to the snow by building two tiny snow men with the little snow that was left.


Brian enjoying the swings in warm spring weather.


Ronald enjoying the monkey bars.


Brian Mustapha acting like a monkey on the monkey bars.


Anita having fun on the slide.


Jane conquers the monkey bars with a big smile on her face.





  1. Thank you for your generous performance yesterday in Winnipeg. My son (8) would like to dance like Brian does. 🙂 He has committed to pray for you, and especially for Brian the rest of the tour.

    What struck me most about the evening yesterday (performance seems the wrong word) was the Hope that you shared with us. Each person and community has difficulties to face, and seeing your Joy filled faces is a powerful testament to the workings of God in your lives.

    You have had such a difficult beginning to your stories, but God met you and made an amazing plan for each of you. It is the exact same for every person on the planet. We all have difficulty, hard times, and sin. God came to meet us and make His amazing plan come to life. We too should be so grateful, and joyful as you are.

    Here in our community, I think we are too quiet about our faith and what God has done for us. Hope is what I saw and felt yesterday – but going forward Gratitude and thankfulness is the legacy you are leaving behind.

    Blessings, Grace and Peace be with you as you continue to walk in His will daily.

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