Choir 65 Loving the Sunny Days

Walt Whitman said, ‘Keep your face toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.’ Choir 65 has been traveling in Canada for four months and has been loving every moment of tour. Now that Spring has arrived, we love to be in the sun, having fun, playing and sometimes even having a concert.

We recently had the opportunity to celebrate Easter with Living Springs Christian Fellowship and were invited to perform at their community Easter egg hunt. Here are a few photos of that beautiful, sunny day:


Auntie Joanita setting up the merchandise tables


Auntie Fariday rejoicing on Easter morning


Auntie Patricia and Auntie Joanita sipping on coffee


Uncle Godwin and Uncle Daniel loving Easter morning


Choir 65 celebrating Jesus on Easter with song and dance


Choir 65 loving the moment


Daniel, Cathy and Jimmy dancing their hearts out


Beautiful smiles from Choir 65


The crowd cheers on Choir 65


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