Choir 65 – Study Time

Choir 65 loves traveling across Canada, singing in churches, meeting new people and experiencing a different culture! While that keeps us busy, we always make sure to make time for our studies. All of our children work hard to keep up with their school work while they are traveling. They spend time, reading, writing and at times even studying for upcoming exams!

Below are some pictures of the children studying and learning in their different classrooms. And of course, we had to enjoy the sun during ‘recess’!


Rachel and Ronald during study time


Audrey smiling away as she is busy completing an assignment


Uncle Godwin teaches his class.


It’s time for recess! The girls having fun on the play ground.


It’s time for football (soccer)! Team Baati (Uncle Daniel, Denis, Jimmy and Victor) and Team Suubi (Daniel, Uncle Roy, Brian, Jimmy and Paul) before they face off.



It was an intense game!


Uncle Roy takes break while Uncle Daniel showcases his football skills.



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