Choir 66 – A Day Off, Life Skills and Education

Monday – A Day Off.

Mondays are usually our day off from Concerts. It is on this day that we get to sleep in a little bit and spend time doing exciting things with our different hosts.  Our days begin by showering, laying of our beds praying and then getting ready for breakfast. As soon as we are done with breakfast we do our school work and then have time  for lots of fun!

Uncle Aggrey with his boys playing football after doing school work on a Monday

blog foot4

 Evarest and John

blog foot 2

Uncle Aggrey  and Simon

blog foot 1

Evarest trying to dodge Uncle Aggrey

blog foot 6

Uncle Aggrey celebrates  scoring a goal (hopefully it was a winning goal!)

football 3

Life Skills

These skills are the basics of living in society. They may be considered small matters in everyday life, but they are important for the children to learn. While on tour we help the children become independent by assisting with practical skills such as brushing their teeth, washing, and making their beds. We also teach them about behavioral management and how to interact and communicate with all different types of people.

clothes 2

Clothes 3


While we are on the road travelling, we not only sing and dance but we also take our education very seriously. On specially allocated days we work very hard and do a lot of schoolwork. We want to prepare the children for a great future, and education is a big part of that.

Many of you may be wondering how we do this. Well on every tour there are ten adults, care givers and trained teachers, who take responsibility for home schooling the 22 children who are in the choir. One of these adults is the principal and heads up the entire educational department ensuring that the children get the best education they can while on the road.

Joseph, Denis and Henry doing their end of May exam in the host home on Monday

school 1

Sharon is happy to be sitting her end of month exam.

school 2

Some of the children doing their final exams on Tuesday morning before traveling to Stanthorpe on the 27th of May 2014.

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