Choir 64 Tour Life

Choir 64 has been travelling throughout the USA, singing in churches and schools. During our down time, we take time to have a little fun. Our team members value these moments as they get to explore and learn more about the location and culture they’re visiting. Here’s a peak into our life on tour!


Shamim and Kareen enjoying their lunch


Watoto US Director, Eugene, enjoying some down time with with Irene.


Watoto Choir Directors, Graham and Sheila Tugume, came to visit! Here they are with our faithful bus driver, John.


Whitney loves ice cream!


This is how we celebrate birthdays on choir 64.


Photo booth time!


The choir on stage at Elevate Life Church.


Auntie Marilyn Skinner came for a visit!


Uncle Brian has World Cup Fever!


Irene had the opportunity to meet her sponsor! It was a beautiful moment.


Auntie Perry caught up with award winning singer Anthony Evans.

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  1. Saw Choir 64 today in Westminster, Co! Last stop on the tour. Beautiful presentation and so energetic! The kids gave their all and it greatly blessed our family and encouraged my children! Keep on worshipping Jesus!!

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