Choir 64’s USA Tour Comes to an End

Every good thing must come to an end. Choir 64, who has been touring around the Mid West, United States has successfully finished its tour. The choir travelled through Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Iowa, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Nebraska and Colorado.

Through the music and children’s testimonies, many people experienced the message of a hope found in Jesus and lives have been changed. We were so blessed by the generosity of people who attended the concerts as they signed up to sponsor children, made donations to help support the Watoto ministry and purchased merchandise made by Watoto’s Living Hope women.

The tour has also been a tremendous opportunity for the children as they have had the opportunity to travel throughout the USA, spend time with host families and sponsors and learn about a culture that is different from their own.

Charles, one of the children said, “I enjoyed Minnesota the most because it’s so beautiful and has the biggest mall in the US. I have really enjoyed eating pizza because it tastes nice and is good for my body. I have observed that in the US people don’t litter and I hope for the same in Uganda.”

charles -

Charles – Future President


Rebecca said, “My favorite place in the US is Texas because they had lots of Ice Cream cones, horses and the people there treated us very well. My favourite American food has been cheeseburgers, french fries, Mexican rice and sandwiches.
I have noticed that the roads in the US are very clean, and have lots of beautiful flowers. I would love to see the same in Uganda.”

Rebecca- future doctor

Rebecca – Future Doctor

Sanyu said, “My favourite place on tour was New Mexico because we went to visit the zoo and saw elephants, giraffes, lions. My favourite food in America has been the different types of rice.
The people in all the host homes have been very kind to us and I will do the same to my friends when I get back home.”

Sanyu – Future Pastor

Daniel, “My favourite place in the US has been Texas because I liked their food the most. My favourite food in the US has been Mexican rice and bacon. My favorite moment on tour was when we went to the Water Park of America.”


Daniel - future



Choir 64 having an outdoor concert


Thank you USA for the love

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