A Long Awaited Answer to Prayer

The Watoto children love their sponsors and are grateful for the investment that they make in their futures. Twice a year, the children write letters to their sponsors, providing updates on their lives, school, friends and family. Often they will receive letters back and a relationship is built with their sponsors through writing letters back and forth.

Auntie Maria, Choir 65 Team Leader, and Watoto graduate, lost both of her parents when she was a young girl. When she became a part of Watoto at the age of 10, she began writing letters back and forth with her sponsor, Brady Borrie. While she enjoyed sending updates to Brady, deep down she always hoped and prayed that she would have the opportunity to one day actually meet him in person. Brady may have lived across the world from Maria but through his letters he had become a strong father figure and encourager for her. She longed for the day when she could thank him and express her gratitude in person.

After nineteen years of praying, hoping and waiting, Maria, along with her husband Daniel, had the opportunity to meet Brady while on tour with Watoto Choir 65 in Canada. What a sight it was as our team watched her greet the man who had sponsored her for so many years. With her eyes filled with tears, she threw her arms around Brady and expressed her heart felt thanks. What a dream come true for Brady and Maria to have the opportunity to meet each other in person! Brady and Maria were able to spend the day together, see below some pictures of their time together.


Maria hugging Brady Borrie as they meet for the first time.


Brady and Maria sharing a few words together as they meet.


Uncle Daniel, Maria’s husband, and choir team leader, come to meet Brady.



Maria, Daniel, Brady and some of the Watoto Choir 65 children.


Maria listens while Brady shares a bit of his life.

What a fabulous day as we all experienced a nineteen year dream come true!



  1. Enjoyed this morning on Chanel 7 Will you be coming to Adelaide ? My wife and I would love to see you and advertise in our church and others.

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