Choir 66 in New Zealand

Wintry New Zealand has had many highlights so far! We began our journey in Auckland, a huge city bustling with many cultures, and then headed through to Doubtless Bay and Tauranga, both stunning holiday destinations with beaches and rolling hills. We also visited Rotorua, with its volcanic activity and celebration of Maori customs and then headed off to Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, alive with cafes and art. In every place we’ve visited we have enjoyed rich experiences of Maori culture. We have learnt how to greet each other by pressing our noses and foreheads together (the hongi) and been taught the haka, a traditional Maori war dance.

When we travelled through the central North Island we were able to experience snow for the very first time (some of the children thought it was icing sugar on top of the hills). We had so much fun jumping out of the bus and enjoying a snow fight together.

We love the people of New Zealand and they have been very hospitable to us, interacting with everyone and sharing the beauty of their country. Thank you to everyone who has come to see us, we’ve received a warm welcome everywhere we have ventured.


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  1. Hello Penny, Milly and Natasha😊
    Safe travel back to your homeland. Love and prayers from me and my children in Biloela, QLD, Australia.

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