Once Upon a Time in Outback Australia…WOW

It has been just over a month since we arrived back in Australia after an amazing time in New Zealand. After a bumpy landing into Melbourne we drove down south for a much needed mid tour break. After 5 days of fun and relaxation we were feeling refreshed and ready to go again. Since being back on the road we have visited some amazing places including Roxby Downs, Coober Pedy, Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and Darwin. To our surprise all these beautiful places seem to be in the middle of nowhere and we are loving seeing so much of the country.

One of the places we found particularly interesting was Coober Pedy. We had the unique experience of staying in underground houses and we had never seen anything like it. We were so amazed at how someone could come up with such a creative idea.

In between our long drives we have had time for some fun activities including swimming in Alice Springs and Darwin. The weather has been so hot that it’s left us all wishing we could do this everyday!

Choir 66 are now heading into the final month of tour. We are looking forward to our last few days in the Northern Territory before heading back to Queensland. We are having a fantastic time. Thank you to everyone who has come to see us so far.

On the road that leads us to Coober Pedy.



Future pilots Denis and Henry in one of the small 2 seater planes.


Uncle Ronnie and Tranella having fun.


A fascinating house in the side of a hill.



Some of the boys with their hosts in Coober Pedy.


A few snapshots from our underground house.





The Church was underground as well!

2008 09


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