Choir 68 Bringing Sunshine to Scandinavia

If you ever plan to travel to Norway, you’ll probably be told the same things we were. That it’s a cold and wet country, where you eat LOTS of bread. As you can imagine, when we stepped out of the plane and it was wet and rainy, we were a little worried. We must have brought the sun with us from Uganda, because now the country is enjoying one of their warmest Septembers in a long time. We are not complaining, as that means we can go out and play, everything from soccer to goose-goose-duck-duck; which I hear is the modern version of our Ugandan game kappa egoba goba.

And we LOVE the food. We were told Norway was a bakery nation, with bread at every meal. But they didn’t tell us we’d find sandwiches, toast and brown cheese everyday. And who knew we’d be treated to great pizza and lasagna, and even the delicious Norwegian special; Lapskaus which is so tasty you have to actually eat it to believe.

One more thing we were told about Norway is that the scenery was beautiful. And it is just that – we have loved touring through Norway.

If you are in Norway or have friends that are, we’d love to meet them at one of our concerts! Check out for concert details.


Choir 68 has arrived!



Arrival in Stavanger




First meal in Norway! #delicious


We got to see a slaughter house. Those guys could really cut meat! And they were so fast!


Who said ice cream has to be cold? #servicewithasmile


The children with Uncle Harald after singing “Happy Birthday” for him




Uncle EdwinSmith and the Choir 68 kids having a blast!


Our ding-ding girl, Comfort, dancing for joy!


The team with our new friend, Auntie Ciwi.


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