Choir 68 – Home Away From Home

It’s been over a month since we landed in Norway and we feel more and more at home here as time passes. We have adjusted to the cold weather and the kids are always eager to play outside as they have learned new games like Sharks and Fish, Swedish Hide and Seek and Wood Ball. The children were excited to see snow for the first time on the way to Oslo. It wasn’t snowing a lot yet, but we were able to see a little bit as it fell down. We have even learned to speak Norwegian, like, “Tussen Takk” which means “thanks a lot”.

When we arrived in Oslo, the team was blown away by what they saw; bigger buildings, bigger streets and more cars around then we had seen in any other city we have travelled to. We especially loved Oslo because we were able to have a birthday celebrating three of the Watoto adults. There was lunch in a lovely restaurant, balloons, cake and ice cream. It was a great celebration of life!

The most important thing that has made Norway feel like home is the warmth we receive from everyone we meet. Everyone wants to ensure we enjoy our time in Norway. We’ve had the opportunity to meet wonderful people and build great relationships during our time here. The adults and children will have long lasting memories of fun, new friends and new experiences from Norway.


On your mark, get set…..GO


2014-10-20 15.40.29

Taking the train home after a long day


Uncle Rogers tries the Viking Wood game


Fish and Sharks!

2014-09-21 16.07.20

Carol got to meet her sponsors!

2014-10-20 14.28.08-2

Happy Birthday Auntie Nimlet, Uncle Sam and Auntie Esther

2014-10-20 13.00.30

The Team enjoying the sun!

2014-10-20 10.32.13

Uncle Paul climbs the volcano


Picture=1000 words


Life is good!

2014-09-24 09.25.39

The girls loving the bunnies!


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