Edube Zelukamu Luka

Edube dreams of becoming a teacher and a professional football player.

“I admire teachers and also love teaching. I know that when I become a footballer, I will be able to get a lot of money that I will use to help children who are homeless,” he says.


Edube is able to dream because of the support he receives from sponsors around the world, who contribute to his physical care, medical needs, education and general well-being. But his life didn’t always have hope.

Edube’s parents died of AIDS in 2010, leaving him and his siblings in the care of their uncle, who was unable to take care of two families. After Watoto was contacted, Edube (4 years old at the time) and his siblings became part of the Watoto family.

He is now a happy child in Watoto’s Primary School and is on the Watoto Children’s Choir, travelling to UK in January 2015. He will be presenting Watoto’s new album, Oh, What Love.

“On the choir I will be playing drums and singing too. During tour, we will be singing about the love of God and how we have become his children,” says Edube.


Help us to change the stories of other AIDs-affected children like Edube by sponsoring a child. Click here and change a story today.


  1. I will be in the UK in March 2015 will the choir be performing there at that time and if so can you send me the schedule as I think my sponsor child sings in one of the choirs and would love to meet him if it works out

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