Choir 68 Bids Farewell to Scandinavia

After two months in Norway and a month in Sweden, Choir 68 recently said goodbye to Scandinavia. We spent our last three weeks in Sweden and though the weather was colder than Norway, we were welcomed by the churches and individuals we visited with warmth and excitement. Also, the children finally got to experience snow and had their first snowball fight.

We made so many great memories in Sweden and Norway and will miss all our friends there. Here’s a collection of moments from our time in Sweden as well as some highlights from our time in Scandinavia as a whole.

Next stop: Florida!


Praising our Father


Celebration time!


The Kinyarwanda



Uncle Paul setting up!


On the Ferry!

2014-09-23 17.19.18

Choir 68 singing with “This little light of mine” with Norwegian friends

2014-10-20 13.00.30

The team out in the sun


The children make new friends and play


The children singing “Running” at Hillsong Stockholm


The ladies with Anna, our Swedish tour co-ordinator, after our last dinner


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