Choir 68 touches down in America

After many hours of flying, Choir 68 has finally landed in the USA. The journey from Sweden was full of excitement as we got to stop over in Paris for four hours while we waited for the next flight. We had really great service and even tried to learn a few French words. After one last 10 hour flight, we landed in Miami, Florida.

We were welcomed by a warm wind that reminded us of home and smiling faces of the Watoto US team. We are so excited about the next 4 months as we tour through Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina and Virgina!


IMG_1520 IMG_1543


  1. Cannot wait for Australia concerts in Melbourne – Love Love Love Watoto, my daughter is not a Christian, nor is her fiancé, but through your visits, she now believes in God! We first saw the choir a few years ago, the next year, we saw you 4 times in Melbourne – covering many kilometers to get to see you …. Longest was about 2.5 hours, my daughter told her fiancé he had to come, there was a young boy who wanted to be a soccer player and her fiancé plays……so from the bottom of my heart to everyone at WATOTO ~ THANK YOU.

    If you ever open in Melbourne, I will be the first to apply for work/volunteer xx

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