Choir 67 Gets a Taste of Home

Have you ever been travelling far from home and found something delicious and familiar to your home? This happened to Choir 67 recently as we were gifted with one of our favourite treats from home; Jack Fruit!

Apparently Malaysia grows fruit that are found back at home as well. The Jack Fruit, commonly known as “fene” back in Uganda, is one of them.

Excitement filled the room as we treated our taste buds to this delicious fruit. Well, delicious may be arguable to some people, but we had a blast enjoying a little piece of home … what a day!

No Retreat.... No Surrender!!

No Retreat…. No Surrender!!

Follow the Leader...

Follow the Leader

later focus!!!



no looking back now...

No looking back now

1 Comment

  1. That was nice tasting home stuff and i know it boosted the choir’s morale . We thank God for all that he has done to bless our church and the ministry as a whole over the years . I wish you a blessed tour.

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