Choir 69 – An Exciting Visit to the ‘Den’

On January 16th, Watoto Choir 69 was so excited to join 20,000 other Millwall FC fans as they played against Ipswich United. The game took place at Millwall football stadium, a.k.a, The Den.

Growing up most young boys in Uganda love playing football. So when the boys of Choir 69 heard that we were going to be a part of a football game, the first question they asked was, “Do we get to go onto the pitch and kick the ball around as well?”

It was to their great joy that the answer was “Yes” and that we had the opportunity to sing one of our favorite new songs, ‘Heirs’. It was so exciting to see this large crowd watching in awe as 18 children and 4 adults boldly proclaimed the love of Jesus and that those who believe in Him are heirs in the Kingdom of God!

We spent the rest of the afternoon cheering on Millwall. Wow, what a fun experience it was!

Here are some pictures of our time at ‘The Den’.


                                                 Choir 69 with Uncle Paul, Watoto UK’s Country Director.


                                                        The choir gets ready for their performance



                                                     The choir poses with the Millwall FC mascots



                                           The children had fun as we waited for the game to start.



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