Choir 68 Visits the Zoo

It was a cool sunny day when Choir 68 arrived at Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida. We knew it was going to be a fun day and the anticipation grew as we sat by the eating area and had some snacks before starting our tour.


A squirrel tries to interrupt snack time

Then we were off! We started our tour by going to see the tall, majestic giraffe. We even tried to feed it a little.


One of the children tries to feed the giraffe

Next we took a ride on the train that goes all the way around the zoo. From here, we got to see a few more animals like the Oryx and the swan.


Uncle Nicholas takes the train


Our friend, Uncle John joins us on the train


Uncle Edwin swagged up


The train selfie!!


Came across the jaw bone of an alligator


We caught sight of the rare Oryx!!

The highlight of the trip was visiting the bird sanctuary. Here everyone got to feed the birds and have them perch on our hands, shoulders and heads. We loved spending the day together, seeing all the beautiful animals, taking pictures and we even sang a blessing over the zoo staff. All in all it was a day well spent.


Noah feeding one of the birds


The children pose with Auntie Charlotte at the entrance of the bird sanctuary

Uncle Paul got two birds perched on him


Brenda in a staring match with these two birds


A day well spent!



  1. It was a joy having Watoto come to our church, Westside Christian Church in Bloomingdale, Georgia, to minister. Being able to host Auntie Nimlet, Caroline, and Comfort in our home was a pure Blessing. Their smiles just lit up our home. My children thoroughly enjoyed the girls. I pray for you constantly and know the children of Watoto are touching the hearts of people around the world!!! God Bless you!

  2. Thank you for yet another great evening of song, dance and fellowship on Tuesday evening Feb 3, 2015 at WCC (Westside). I am always excited to hear that a tour is coming to the SE as I know we are signing up to host the choir. A local TV station (WSAV) reporter was there and last night on the 5:00PM news they spoke and showed a clip from the concert. Uncle Edwin & Auntie Charlotte get ready to see us on the bus in a couple of years. I am thankful that Watoto is doing something to change the lives around them…one life at a time.

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