Oh, What Love Release on iTunes

Oh, What Love – the album – is a mosaic of stories that reflect a common heart. The heart of the story is God’s love, and it is shared through the combination of the unique experiences of more than twenty five artists.

These songwriters and musicians each brought their own culture and talent to the table. Together they created a rich and diverse narrative, combined with powerful music that mixes traditional African elements with modern sounds.

“We have embraced a lot of modern beats, but we have not forgotten our roots,” said Comfort Asianzu, contributor and adult chaperone on tour with the choir in Canada.

The album gave local Ugandan artists the chance to collaborate with international songwriters and musicians. This cultural exchange pushed the musical boundaries of all involved.

“Collaborating can be an amazing experience as people from different backgrounds and life come together to help shape the message or a song. Everyone has a different life and culture, the further those cultures and lives are apart from each other, the more there is to learn from each other and challenge the creative process,” said worship leader Brad Bichsel from USA.

At Watoto we believe in the power of our individual stories, and this collaboration gave people a platform in which they could celebrate their personal journeys. “When we collaborate as creatives, we are not only celebrating our unique testimonies, but we are also growing in our understanding of who God is,” said James Skinner, Creative Director for Oh, What Love.

This is reflected in the album, but also on stage. While with the choir the children learn the value of their personal stories. They also learn that God loves them in a unique way and that their story is a gift because through community and testimony God reveals elements of His character and love to us.

“I now understand that it doesn’t matter what I went through, because whatever we go through God is there for us and He has wonderful plans for our lives,” says 11-year-old Divia, who is travelling to the U.S.A in April and Brazil in July with Choir 72.

“It’s important to share the message of Oh, What Love because many people don’t know who Jesus is. When we share the message of God’s love, we can really change people’s lives.”

Our hope is that people will see a reflection of their own stories in the narrative of this album. We pray that, through these songs, people will come to a better understanding of God’s love for them. The global iTunes release of Oh, What Love will happen on www.newreleasetuesday.com soon.


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