Choir 69 Q AND A

Choir 69 has been traveling for almost two months and it has been so much fun meeting new people, sharing our stories and culture as well as learning new things. As we travel, we are often asked a lot of questions about Uganda, the Watoto villages and life back home. This was the case recently at a visit to Hextable Church. The members of the church wanted to know more about the children and their lives back home so we decided it would be fun to have a mini question and answer session.

Here is a snapshot of some of the questions that were asked:

Question 1: What games do you like to play back home in the Watoto villages?

Answer: We play football, dodge ball, netball and we like to jump rope.

Question 2: What is your favorite food back home?

Answer: Rice, chicken, beans (cooked with salt), and peanut stew.

Question 3: What have you loved about the UK so far?

Answer: We have loved the people, the food, the host homes and the little amount of snow we have experienced.

Question 4: What does the inside of a Watoto house look like?

Answer: Each house has three bedrooms, a kitchen, a shower, a toilet, a dining area, and a living room. The walls of the house are made from brick and are painted white.

Question 5: Seeing that you guys are so energetic and synchronised, do you ever sleep?

Answer: Ha ha ha!…Yes we do sleep.

Question 6: What were some of the first songs the choirs ever sang?

Answer: The first one we remember is, Wii Polo from Watoto’s Dancing in the House album.

It was so fun to hear the questions that the children from Hextable church came up with and how the children from Choir 69 responded.

We also were so excited to have a surprise guest, Watoto Founder, Pastor Gary Skinner and his son James!

Here are some pictures from that fun evening.

Samson answering one of the questions


Auntie Sheba helping to explain one of the answers from the children


Uncle Osman acts as the interviewer for the session


The children with Uncle James Skinner


Our surprise guest, Pastor Gary – We were so excited to see him!





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