Choir 69 – The Love of the Father

Choir 69 recently finished our one month tour of the Netherlands. We had such a great visiting the country and were surprised at how flat the land in the country is. We loved the people in the Netherlands and were welcomed everywhere we visited. The children especially enjoyed seeing people, both young and old, riding bicycles everywhere.

One of Watoto’s great privileges is to share the love of God the Father at all of our concerts. We remind people that His love is forever, in good times and in challenging times.

Hein Mooej, one of the people that attended a concert said,”the message of the  concert cannot missed by anyone watching. It surely tells you of who God is, He is mighty, friend and father. We sometimes forget that but whilst I watched the concert I was reminded of all these things and that just melted my heart.”

Here are some concert photos from the Netherlands.

The choir on stage


Lydia dancing her heart out.


Zubaili loving his time on stage


Uncle Arthur, Herbert and Auntie Pricilla enjoying themelves


Winnie worships during the concert


Angellina worships during the concert


The choir having fun on stage


Choir 69 on stage


Thank you to everyone who helped support our visit to the Netherlands; concert organizers, host families, volunteers and Watoto team. We love you!


  1. It was a privilege to get to know you all! We and our kids learned a lot from you “Oh what Love”! Especialy your last concert (we saw 4 concerts) in the elderlyhome, wow that was so beautiful. It was great to see that every elderly people get a big hug from the kids, I was very touched by that! It was an honour to be hosts again of these lovely and thankfull kids and we hope that we are hosts next year!

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