Choir 68 – Do you want to build a snowman?

Choir 68 has been traveling the East Coast of the USA for the last few months. This year the Eastern side of the US has had a lot of snow, so much that we even had to cancel a concert because there was too much snow to travel!

While for some the amount of snow may be hassle, we loved it! This is the first time the Watoto children and some of the adults have ever seen snow, so we made sure to stop and enjoy a little bit. The children were surprised by how slippery, soft and COLD the snow was, it was unlike anything they had ever experienced.

We decided to have a snowball fight, the uncles against everyone else. It took the children a few minutes to get the hang of it, but some of them turned out to be quite good at making and throwing snowballs. After the chaos had finished, we put our efforts together to build a snowman. Everyone got involved, either by carrying snow, helping the snowman take shape or donating clothing and accessories to make him look cool. We were pretty happy with the final product! What do you think?

Our first ever snowball fight!


The girls get Uncle Edwin with snowballs!



It was then time to build a snowman



Our finished project!






  1. Get so much inspiraton from this group of adults and children. May God continue too bless yous and what your are doing

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