Choir 75 Birthday Celebration

Choir 75, ‘The Dream Team’, is one big family and in this family, we LOVE to celebrate. As we are traveling for six months, there are many birthdays that get celebrated on the road.

This week we surprised our Auntie Jacky with a special birthday celebration. Everyone got involved in making it a special surprise. The party was filled with laughter, joy and even had some freestyle poetry from Aunty Jacky’s husband, Uncle Daniel. He also surprised her with her favorite flowers, how romantic! What a great way to have the children on our choir witness how a man should honor his wife.

Jacky getting her surprise birthday gift.

We believe that when you celebrate people and make sure they know how special they are, you will see them thrive in what God has called them to.

Happy Birthday Aunty Jacky! We love you!


  1. Good luck on your tour? Where are you going besides Japan? Places in England?
    LIBERA;- from South London, England:- were on tour, in Japan in early August;- Osaka!

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