Choir 74 – Highlights from Japan

After 6 weeks of hard work, wonderful audiences, great concerts, gracious hosts, passionate volunteers and fabulous food, Choir 74 has come to the end of our tour here in Japan.

The team has had the best time and will miss all of the people we have met through our travels. Thank you to everyone who helped make our Japanese tour a success.

Our prayer is that people’s lives were transformed by the love of Christ that was shared through the lives of the children.

Here are a few of the highlights from our time in Japan:

Having fun in worship


We loved interacting with people attending the concerts


We are so thankful for our faithful volunteers


Some of the fabulous people who hosted us in their home


Some encouraging words from new friends


We loved Japan but are excited to head on to Hong Kong for the next leg of tour.

See you soon Hong Kong!




1 Comment

  1. awesome…you are a blessing to the world…may the Lord bless all of Watoto with his exceeding abundance in all areas….spirit soul body….1 John 4:4

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