CHOIR 77 Hits the Road

Every year the choir travels to different parts of the world with a clear purpose, to tell people about the hope they have found in Jesus and to raise awareness about the needs of orphaned children and vulnerable women in Africa.

At the beginning of every tour, there are 18 children that have never traveled before, who are super excited about this great adventure that is in front of them. How amazing is God that he allows orphaned children, who once had no home, the opportunity to share with the world about the big family they now belong to in Christ. Choir 77 arrived in the USA on January 8th, 2016. We will be touring through the mid-west starting in Dallas, TX and visiting Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri and Illinois.

The team is so excited to take part in whatever great things God is going to do throughout this tour. All 18 children are ready and determined to bless people in America with their testimonies, singing and dancing. We have only been on tour for about a week now and performed 3 times, but already the excitement from people has been overwhelming. We have been warmly welcomed in the USA and can’t wait to continue on with tour. More to come from Choir 77, but first, here are a few pictures of the start of our tour.
Choir 77 at Texas Star

Choir 77 at Texas Star

Worshiping with Uncle Jimmy during rehearsals

Enjoying worship with Uncle Jimmy during rehearsals.

The children’s first ever burgers!

Children lining up for their first Buggers in America

Brandina loves her Cheeseburger!

Brandina enjoying her first Cheese Burger.

To see Choir 77 as they tour in the US, please check out to find a date when they are in your area!


  1. We are so excited to see pictures of the little girl we sponsor! My two girls ask me every day if there are more pictures of her on the computer yet!

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