Choir 78 touches down in Canada

Choir 78 jetted into Canada to start our leg of the Oh What Love tour. Our flight included a lay over in Amsterdam which gave the children an opportunity to learn how planes work. After a few more hours in the air, we landed in Toronto and set off for the camp. Everyone was excited to see snow – most of them for the first time. It was cold, but really beautiful. Thankfully we had some warm clothing and were able to enjoy the snow. Our week at the camp involved us eating Canadian food and getting used to the weather so we’re ready to roll. Come see us LIVE in concert.


Auntie Alex telling the children about how planes work


Touching down


A walk in the snow


See you at our concert! Yes, you!!!



  1. Absolutely love Watoto. Will they be travelling to the East Coast this year?

  2. Will the group be traveling out west to BC. ? We would love to see them in Prince George!!

  3. I do love every thing the watoto ch+ do..

    what does it need my son to join the choir

    • Thank you Ruth for writing to us. The children who travel with the Watoto Choir are Watoto Children who live in the Watoto Villages. For information on how to get your child to Watoto, please email us at Thanks

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